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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

In keeping with our philosophy of endeavouring to provide the best possible facilities to the families which we serve we are extremely proud of our brand new fleet of vehicles which are possibly the most exclusive in the Country and are updated regularly ensuring that they are always the most current model. We are proud of our long standing relationship with Duffy Coachbodies, Dundalk Ltd., who supply our vehicles and who in our opinion produce the most exclusive funeral vehicles in Europe here in Ireland.

Mercedes Benz Hearses

Our brand new Duffy Mercedes Hearses are finished to the highest standards with signature features which include spherically curved glass with glass roofs allowing sunlight to highlight the features of the coffin which sits on a vogue grey deck ensuring that your loved one is taken on their final journey with dignity and style.

Mercedes Benz Limousines

Our brand new Duffy Mercedes Limousines elevate luxury with vast panoramic glass roofs which open the interior of the vehicle and add to the comfort and luxury that the passengers experience on their dignified journey.

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