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Initial Steps

Initial Steps

It can be quite overwhelming and emotionally stressful when we find ourselves in the position of having to make funeral arrangements for a loved one and this is why it is so important to have the support of a Funeral Director that you can trust to take care of all of the arrangements with integrity and compassion.

Murphy Brothers Funeral Directors

The initial steps depend on the circumstances as follows:

When a death occurs at home

If the death was unexpected, the GP should be contacted first and may advise that the family contact the local Gardai as they may wish to contact the Coroner.

If the death was expected, the deceased will have been attended to by their GP who should be contacted first as they will be required to visit the home to confirm that the death has occurred. The funeral director can then be called but cannot proceed until the death has been confirmed by the doctor.

When a death occurs in a hospital, nursing home or hospice

In most cases a Post Mortem is not required and the family can contact their funeral director who will liaise with the hospital or nursing home on their behalf. The doctor will be called to confirm that the death has occured.

Your funeral director will assist you in making the following decisions which need to be considered.
  • Whether you would prefer to hold the funeral service in a Church or a Funeral Home or a Crematorium Chapel?
  • Will your preference be for burial or cremation?
  • Will the deceased repose in a Residence, a Funeral Home, a Hospice or Hospital or Nursing Home Chapel?
  • Will the family carry the coffin on the day of the funeral and if so, who will be the six bearers?
  • Will you require limousines for the day of the funeral?
  • Will you require musicians for the funeral service?
  • Will the death notice be published in a newspaper, on or on local radio?
  • What clothes will be selected for the deceased to wear during reposing?
  • Would you like to pass the house on the way to the church or cemetery / crematorium?
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