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Bereavement Grants

Bereavement Grants

Bereavement Grants are available for values of up to €9,350.00. We are pleased to offer advice and guidance regarding eligibility, etc. Please feel free to phone us for a free information leaflet (prices correct at time of print).

Health Board Death Grant – from €500 to €2500

A person applying for this grant must be in receipt of a social welfare payment. This funeral grant is means-tested and is payable at the discretion of the community welfare officer (CWO). An application form may be obtained in the applicant’s local health centre. The CWO will then consider the status and means of the applicant and the deceased. The funeral invoice must be in the name of the applicant and all relevant details provided. A cheque, if issued, will then be made payable directly to the funeral director.

Widowed Parent Grant - €6000

If at the date when a parent is widowed, there are children left in the family under 18 years, or 22 years and in full time education, then the widowed parent will receive a widow/widower’s grant of €6000. Please phone 1890 500 000 or 071 915 7100 for more information. For details of eligibility and applications form WPG1 please visit or contact
Widow's, Widower's or Surviving Civil Partner's Pension Section
Department of Social Protection
Pensions Services Offices
College Road
Tel: (071) 915 7100
Locall:  1890 500 000

Death of Social Welfare Recipient - Six weeks Further Payments

When a person passes away while in receipt of a social welfare payment, the payment will usually continue to be paid to the surviving partner/carer for six weeks after the date of death if they are a named dependent/carer. Contact your local social welfare office for more information. For old age state pension matters please phone the helpline in Sligo at 1890 500 000 or Dublin (01) 704 3000.

Credit Union Death Benefit Insurance – from €1300 - €3250

The main purpose of this insurance is to provide basic life cover to Credit Union members at an affordable price. The cover is offered as a rider (or endorsements) to the Life Savings insurance policy. The actual amount of insurance may vary from one credit union to the other. There are a number of conditions applied to this cover which should be discussed with your local Credit Union Branch. The minimum benefit offered is €1300 and the maximum is €3250. Members are eligible for this insurance provided premiums have been paid and the member is (a) over 16 years of age, (b) has joined the Credit Union before 70 years of age, (c) has remained a member of the Credit Union, (d) the member has been eligible for cover in the Life Savings Policy.

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