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Burial & Cremation

Burial and Cremation

Cremation is generally less expensive that Burial when the purchase of a new grave is required. The cost difference is marginal when compared with the re-opening of an existing grave. There are optional additional costs incurred with Cremation when the ashes are to be interred in a Garden of Remembrance or Columbarium Wall. We are pleased to offer guidance on the cost of all of these options.
We will take care of the organisation of the Cremation Documentation which needs to be completed by the attending Doctor and approved by the Medical Referee.
The Ashes are usually ready within three to four days of the Cremation taking place. We are pleased to assist with the arrangements regarding interment of the ashes in a Garden of Remembrance, a Columbarium Wall or Family Grave or alternatively the ashes can be returned to the family in an Urn or Casket.
There are four Crematoria all located in Dublin Newlands Cross, Mount Jerome, Dardistown and Glasnevin. Please see our Crematoria Section for details.

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